West End was established in 1884 and then relocated to its present site in 1926.

2009 saw us stage a highly successful 125 th Jubilee Celebration. Nestled near the centre of New Plymouth it provides quick and easy access to such features as the port, Ngamotu Beach, Coastal Walkway, Puke Ariki Museum, Library, Art Gallery, NP Aquatic Centre etc. A particularly attractive school, our buildings sit snugly at the top of four terraced levels, which culminate in a broad expanse of playing fields, and recreational areas. Many large mature native trees stand dotted around the grounds and are accompanied by small pockets of native gardens. Completing a park-like appearance is the Mangaotuku Stream (fenced) which winds its way through the bottom of the grounds.

We are a Decile 6 contributing (Year 1 -6) primary school finishing the 2014 year roll with a roll of 360 students. Our  school profile as at 1 July 2014 saw us with 61% NZ European,  28% Maori,  3% Pasifika 3% Other European and 3% Asian making our West End School Learning Community largely reflective of Aotearoa / New Zealand society today.

In 2015 we adopted a dual name Te Kura O Morere. This name was developed in liaison with Ngati Te Whiti, our local hapu.

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